Luggwoods Easter Egg Hunt – Review

Luggwoods Easter Egg Hunt Ireland 2019



We were lucky enough to win a family pass to the Luggwoods Easter Egg Hunt through Instagram. In this post, I want to give a small review of our experience.

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Luggwoods Easter Egg Hunt 2019


Upon arriving at Luggwoods, we checked in and purchased Ava a pair of pink bunny ears for €3. Ava had the opportunity to get her face painted. We are trying to decide if she’s a bunny or a cat? What do you all think?

Luggwoods Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Portaloo, anyone?

There is an outside portaloo which Ava just had to use. My advice, stay away, Robert has informed me it’s awful. Anyone else’s child HAVE to use the toilet facilities wherever you go?


Luggwoods Easter Egg Hunt

Once everyone arrived, we were guided to ‘The Luggwoods Express’. This drives you to a forest area for the easter egg hunt. Your child is given a basket to collect some plastic eggs. At the roped area, kids are divided into over 5s and under 5s. Although, all children collect eggs from the same area once the rope is lifted.

Luggwoods Easter Egg hunt 2019


The Luggwoods Barn

Back onto ‘The Luggwoods Express’, you see a beautiful view of Dublin city as we drive towards the barn.  The Mad Hatter is there to greet you on arrival. The barn is split into two sections.

The first is full of photo opportunities. We took pictures of Ava on some hay bales with props set up. There is also a large pink chair, a tractor and a tea party set up for families to take pictures. During our time in this first area, the Mad Hatter provides some entertainment.

Luggwoods Easter Egg hunt 2019


Meeting the Easter Bunny

When you enter the second area of the barn, the kids get to meet the Easter Bunny. After queuing, Ava was delighted to meet the Easter Bunny were she received a Cadbury’s Easter egg. We had the opportunity to get our picture taken with the Easter Bunny. It costs €10 to buy 1 copy of this photo. Once everyone has their picture with the Easter Bunny, it’s time for some dancing. Both the Mad Hatter and the Easter Bunny dance for 2-3 songs with the kids before it’s time to leave.


Luggwoods Easter Egg hunt 2019


Final thoughts on Luggwoods Easter Egg Hunt

Overall Ava had a great time and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

I would have loved the egg hunt to be longer and harder. It’d be great if the kids had to ‘hunt’ for the plastic eggs. I did notice a lot of the eggs had been broken so the kids didn’t want to pick these up. Overall this section lasted max. 5 minutes.

Whilst the portaloo at the entrance left a lot to be desired, the toilets at the Luggwoods barn were in much better condition.

As I won my ticket, I can’t comment on the value of the experience. However, I do hope this review can help clarify if it’ll be worth the cost for your family.

Until next time,

Karen xx




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