Zero Waste Life Challenge

Zero Waste Life Challenge. I'm taking the plunge into a zero waste lifestyle. First step is to get our recycling under control.
Zero Waste Life Challenge. I'm taking the plunge into a zero waste lifestyle. First step is to get our recycling under control.

I’m taking the plunge. The plunge into a zero-waste lifestyle. Recently, I’ve read and researched many articles, blogs and videos on the subject. What’s the main motivator behind this zero waste life challenge you ask? The lack of a recycling system in our home and the sheer amount of food we waste on a weekly basis.

Challenges to the Zero Waste Life Challenge

I expect this to be very challenging.

  1. I need to convince my fiance to come on board. Right now it’s so easy for us to lump everything in general waste and not worry about recycling, food waste and reusable eco-friendly items. We are all about the “easy life”.
  2. We live in an apartment above a commercial building. The bins (trash) are included in the cost of rent. Right now there are facilities for general waste, plastic recycling and cardboard recycling. That’s it, no glass, tin or food waste bins.
  3. In our area, the ability to buy food without plastic wrapping is limited. Our town does not have a greengrocery to buy loose fruit or vegetables. The supermarkets have the majority of fruit/vegetables in packages (wrapped in a soft plastic film). The chance of buying loose grain, pasta, eco-friendly or biodegradable beauty/cleaning products locally will be impossible (to my knowledge).

I have reviewed some plant-based cleaners here.

One Step at a Time

To start the ball rolling, I am using May 2018 as the first stepping stone on this journey. To the end of April 2018, we do not recycle… all. Yes as mentioned above we have facilities for plastic and cardboard but we’ve never used them in the 4 years we’ve lived here. The exception being; when we purchased a new appliance or toys, that cardboard was recycled. As a result, the first step is to start using the recycling facilities in our building. It is a basic and hopefully easy way to ease ourselves into a Zero Waste Life Challenge.

What’s on the List

It should be pretty easy. I’ve downloaded the new household recycling list from Recycling List Ireland. If you are also taking the plunge alongside me, be sure to check up what can be recycled in your area. The last thing you want to do is contaminate your recycling and all your effort will be destroyed.

Zero Waste Life Challenge. I'm taking the plunge into a zero waste lifestyle. First step is to get our recycling under control.

So there it is, the first challenge has been set and I would love if you could join me on this journey. Let me know in the comments if you are joining along. Or maybe you are already a recycling pro, I’d love to hear your tips.

Until next time,

Karen xx

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8 thoughts on “Zero Waste Life Challenge

  1. So much stuff comes packaged. It drives me nuts to see things like veggies shrink-wrapped! Fortunately most of the stuff we buy comes in a recyclable container. Good tips – it’s nice to know how to be as eco-friendly as possible.

  2. We recycle bottles and cardboard and cans all in our recycle bin. Years ago I used to take the plastic and cans to a center to get cash for them but now we just put them in our City provided recycle bin. Good for you for recycling 🙂

  3. What a wonderful post!! My family has also started this challenge. Something about earth day lit a fire under us. Can’t wait to try a few of your tips <3

  4. I’ll be really interested to follow along with your progress on this goal… we’re working on less waste, but definitely not at zero yet!

  5. we recycle as much as we can but the packaging on fruit and veg is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been tempted to leave them at the tills when I’m paying . will be following 🙂

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