Nimble Babies Cleaning Products Review

Nimble Babies Cleaning Products, Today I review Milk Buster and Sticky Stopper Cleaners from Nimble Babies.
Nimble Babies Cleaning Products, Today I review Milk Buster and Sticky Stopper Cleaners from Nimble Babies.

For the past 2 months, I have been testing Nimble Babies cleaning products. In my possession, I have the Milk Buster and Sticky Stopper cleaners.

Nimbles Milk Buster Baby Bottle Cleaner

Milk Buster is powered by plant-based cleaning ingredients. It detaches milk fat and protein from bottles. You can use Milk Buster to clean both formula milk and breast milk. You can also use Milk Buster on sippy cups, your breast pump and the coffee machine. Its tagline is: “Making cloudy, smelly bottles a thing of the past!”

My experience

We have been using Milk Buster for a number of months. Up to this point, we use dish soap and boiling water when cleaning our baby bottles. We do not have an issue with nasty smells and the very odd time do we find the bottles cloudy after washing.

I started using Milk Buster and with the first wash, I noticed how clear my bottles and bottle teats are. I washed some with dish soap and some with Milk Buster and have found the bottles/teats washed with Milk Buster crystal clear. Whereas, the bottles with dish soap have water spots and slight cloudiness.

I was so surprised, I really thought Milk Buster was a product that may be gimmicky, but I stand corrected it really works. We find Milk Buster extremely easy to use, the nozzle gets into the nooks and crannies of our MAM baby bottles. There is a safety lock on the bottle also which is a great feature.


The only negatives I can find is whether or not Milk Buster is Animal Cruelty-Free. Having that certification is extremely important to me when choosing cleaning products. I will have to contact Nimble Babies to clarify.

Milk Buster costs £4.99 for a 200ml bottle and it also has a 400ml refill pouch for £4.99. It can be purchased from

Overall I am pleased with Milk Buster cleaner. We use Milk Buster to clean our daughter’s bottles, sippy cups and sports bottles. I will recommend this to friends and family.

Nimbles Sticky Stopper

Sticky Stopper is a bleach-free antibacterial cleaner. It kills 99.9% of germs. It’s powered by plant-based cleaning ingredients derived from coconuts and a natural disinfectant called lactic acid. Perfect for cleaning and disinfecting toys, tables, and surfaces including carpets and floors. Its tagline is: “For grime-free, non-sticky toys, and surfaces!”

My experience

Having a toddler that likes to eat on the go, many of the surfaces and toys around our home end up sticky and grimy. We use Sticky Stopper on the highchair, table, our daughter’s toys and the toy storage bin.

Sticky Stopper does remove the sticky residue on surfaces. It has a foaming nozzle and it sprays evenly. I do find this product good but I seem to reach for my other non-toxic spray over the Sticky Stopper.

Sticky Stopper costs £2.99 for a 250ml bottle. It can be purchased from

You can also purchase trial size bottles of both these cleaners if you wish to test them out.

Nimble Babies Cleaning Products

I was sent the Milk Buster baby bottle cleaner and Sticky Stopper toy & surface cleaner from Nimble Babies to test and review. All opinions and photos are my own.

Until next time,

Karen x

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  1. I personally don’t have the need for any of these products, but I’m going to forward your review over to a couple of my friends who have babies 🙂 I’m sure they’ll really appreciate your thoughts x

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