Pom Pom Transfer – A Tot School activity

Pom Pom Transfer Activity for Tot School. This is a great activity to improve your childs pincher grasp and hand eye coordination. A fun and easy sensory play activity

The second activity we will try on our Tot School adventure is a Pom Pom Transfer. This activity is great to get those little fingers working.

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Developmental Skills Being Used

Fine Motor Skills – pincher grasp, finger strength
Visual Motor skills – hand-eye coordination
This activity is perfect to promote independent play.

Materials needed for Pom Pom Transfer

An empty water bottle or similar
An array of pom pom’s in different colours

This is a starter activity, I want to make it fun and easy for my daughter to complete. I simply place the materials on her high chair and after a brief introduction/lesson on how to complete, she will play away.

Pom Pom Transfer Activity

First Try

On her first try, she played with this for over 30 minutes. Ava does struggle with patience, therefore when emptying the Pom’s from the bottle we may have a tantrum or two. Life with a toddler…lol. Overall this Pom Pom Transfer activity is a success and I am glad to have an activity to occupy her.

This video shows Ava completing the Pom Pom transfer. It was initially posted to my Instagram account.

Do we still use this activity?

If I’m being honest, Ava does bore of this Pom Pom Transfer activity when I give it to her every day. To keep things fresh, I will let her play Pom Pom transfer once per week. Also, to switch up this activity and to keep my daughter interested, I change the bottle size and also add water occasionally.

Pom Pom Transfer Activity

Time for change

Now she is older I need to make this Pom Pom Transfer more difficult. I have research to do on how to make this activity fun for my two-year-old daughter. If you have any ideas, I’d love to read them in the comments.

You can check out some more awesome Tot School ideas on this Pinterest board, I cannot wait to try some of these out with Ava.

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  1. How old was she when you first started this acitivity? I wonder if my daughter would like it. She’s two now.

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