Rice Sensory Tray – Tot School

Rice Sensory Tray
Rice Sensory Tray, I share our first Tot School activity. My toddler really enjoyed this versatile activity. It's a great way for independant play and improving her fine motor skills.

Our first In a previous post, I share why we are Starting Tot School. The first activity I prepared was a rice sensory tray.

How to make?

It’s extremely easy to make, all you need is dried rice and an assortment of scoopable objects you have around your home e.g. spoons, bowls, empty egg cartons etc.

Rice Sensory Tray

What’s the benefit?

The objective of this rice sensory tray is to allow your child to have some independent play and practice their fine motor skills. The process of scooping rice into a bowl and then transferring it to another will benefit your child immensely. It really is a fun way to learn through play.

Rice Sensory Tray

How Ava handled it?

Ava loves to transfer the rice amongst the various objects. On our first experience with the rice sensory tray, she was apprehensive about putting her hands in the rice. It’s really important you don’t push your child to immerse their hands. To try and combat this, I sat beside her. I played with the rice, picking it up with my hands and letting it fall. Eventually, she started to play along.

Rice Sensory Tray

Would I recommend?

The rice sensory tray is extremely adaptable. It was a great introduction to our Tot School journey. Ava spends anywhere from 15-40 minutes with this activity. I highly recommend you try this rice sensory tray with your toddler.

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