Mother’s Day 2018 – What moms really want

Mother's Day 2018. A real life gift guide. What gifts moms really want to receive this mother's day.

Mother’s Day 2018 falls on March 11 in the UK & Ireland. Also May 13 for those viewers in the USA, Australia and more. In this blog post, I share what moms really want as a gift this Mother’s Day.

This will be my second Mother’s Day as a mom. Last year we celebrated our daughters 1st birthday on the same day. As a result, I never really got to celebrate the occasion.

When I think of gifts to give and receive this Mother’s Day, instantly my mind goes to flowers, chocolates and cute cups. However, is that really what we want to receive? Let’s dig a little deeper. I have lots of cups, I can buy my own flowers and chocolates so let’s consider what we really want.

What moms really want

  • A lie in with no guilt – a nice lie in would be amazing. I’m talking staying in bed until 10 am or 11 am if your feeling dangerous. What makes this lie in more appealing… it’s to come guilt free. No comments to be made by the person minding the kids that morning. No lazy bones remark, just pure and simple happiness for mom as she gets some much-needed sleep/rest.
  • Homemade gifts – It would be amazing if the kids made you some homemade gifts without your knowledge. Dad or a guardian could help the kiddos and surprise you on the day. A sweet and simple gift, that’s sure to make a mom’s heart swell.
  • A few hours of “mom time” – if a lie in isn’t possible the next best thing is some alone time for mom. This could come in a variety of ways. A long soak in the bath or getting to the store on your own for an hour. Even better, someone to take the kids out for 2 hours so you can sit on the couch and catch up on your TV programmes, books, YouTube and blogs.
  • Some time to perform those much-needed grooming/beauty tasks. How great would it be to shred that unwanted hair without the hurry? Apply a homemade face mask? My favourite is a coconut oil and baking soda scrub, you can view that here.
  • Meals cooked throughout the day – How amazing would it be if your other half took control of all meals on that day. Cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner and also catering for the kids that day. No food stress or decisions for mom.
  • A spa treatment – My ideal gift would be a full body massage. Your partner could complete this task but honestly, I’d rather a professional. You may prefer a facial, your nails done or your hair styled but let’s be honest we’d take any treatment.

Let me know in the comments what your ideal gift this Mother’s Day 2018 would be.

Until next time,

Karen x

26 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2018 – What moms really want

  1. Yes, Yes, yes &Yes! Is love any of those, or All! ?
    Unfortunately my husband isn’t the celebratory type & would never in a million years do the cooking…. in all honesty, he works hard all day, so no time! But he can still treat me to a takeaway or something! I always made my mum breakfast in bed as a kid on mother’s day, would love my kids 2 do the same!
    Only problem is mothering Sunday is the 1st day of the week here (in Dubai) so no lazing in bed and getting a home made card or breakfast in bed, as it’s the school run & other things to do! …. will make the excuse to go buy some pancakes & treat myself at the mall instead ?

  2. Love this! This is my second Mother’s Day as well, and these are all things I would love. Staying in bed without guilt in particular, and maybe a massage to get the tension out of my back and neck!

  3. Hi Karen ? liked your post. My husband is not much to think ahead about anything ? if . This will be my 10th mother’s day and for most of them he has told me to buy myself a gift. That does get hurtful but I don’t see him changing, so I am learning to let it go and not expect anything. My girls do make me a nice card? that makes me happy. Karen I hope your mother’s day is great and you get treated to some pampering ??

    1. I’m sorry, but as you say, the girls do make you a card which is always special. I’m not expecting much, I’ll be happy with a lie in and possibly some take away ?

        1. Thanks Heather, Robert went to the trouble of baking me some cinnamon rolls from scratch. Which is a big deal as he never bakes. They turned out delicious too. We had a lovely chilled day.

  4. Yes i do believe that gifts n general, and mothers gifts in particualr isnt just a materialistic thing! Its way greater than that! I personally love thoughtful ideas

  5. This mother’s day will be my first due to my son’s arrival last September. And all I want is a nice massage! I totally agree with this whole post!

  6. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Last year for Mother’s Day, I wanted to take photos with my girls. My husband is a photographer, so we had a photoshoot together with my girls.

    1. Aw that’s a lovely idea/activity. I much prefer to experience something or get something homemade than the traditional flowers and chocolates.

  7. Yes! Yes! And more Yes! This is my first mothers day as a SAHM and let me tell you i need a day AWAY from my family lol. Just pamper me anf let me sleep haha.

  8. Yes! Alone time! Or as I call it “Mental Health Breaks”!!! Hubby is a truck driver and is only home once a month for a few days, and this is what I need most desperately! ????

  9. These all sound so lovely and great Mother’s Day gifts. I really like the idea of sleeping in with no guilt and homemade gifts.

  10. Yes! This is so true. Just a break from being a mom for a day! We do so much stuff it’s nice to be recognized and appreciated for just ONE day. Haha

  11. Mother’s Day is the for all moms around the world and we get this one day where entire world is celebrating mother’s day and appreciating the efforts taken by mothers. So, they definitely deserve quality which is undoubtedly the most special gift for them.

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