Gift ideas for a one year old

Today I am going to share with you gift ideas for a one year old, specifically the gifts our 21 month old daughter received this Christmas. I constantly get comments on my YouTube asking what toys Ava likes to play with, what’s appropriate for her age range and so many similar questions.

You can view the video here, this is posted to my YouTube channel: Our Irish Family.

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First up are the clothes, from an Irish rugby kit to oversized jumpers and pj’s. These clothes should keep her dressed for the next while. My sister bought her a pair of Converse shoes, they are adorable. Check them out in the video above.

Second are the books she received. You will know I think books are the perfect gifts for children and in this blog post here, I share the books we purchased Ava for Christmas.

Her godmother gifted her some Peter Rabbit books, which are adorable and they are both board books which is a must for toddlers.

Peter Rabbit Little Library

Amazon US & UK:

Book Depository:

Peter Rabbit Bedtime Tales

Amazon US & UK:

Book Depository:

Her grandparents got her these Disney baby mini books, again they are board books and the selection looks great.

Disney Baby My First Library Set

Amazon US:

Book Depository:

Now onto the toys, she receives this Christmas. She is spoilt and if I’m being honest, we don’t need to purchase her anymore toys until next Christmas. I plan to keep some of these up and introduce throughout the year.

LeapFrog 2 in 1 LeapTop Touch:




4 in 1 wooden puzzles

I couldn’t find the specific brand on Amazon, however, I did find the Melissa & Doug version:


Crayola, Color me a song:


Battat Hide & Seek Alphabet

Amazon US:  Amazon UK:







Old Macdonald Tractor & Trailer set

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


Vtech Discovery Activity Tree

Amazon UK:


Smart Trike:


Mega Blocks Build ‘n’ Learn Table:


The final item she receives is a kids chair from IKEA. This has been a massive hit with Ava and she just loves to sit in her chair and watch some TV. I think we’ve created a monster. Check out the video above to view a clip of Ava enjoying her new chair.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and (hopefully) viewing the gifts our one year old received this Christmas. I hope it provided some inspiration and it helped with gift ideas for a one year old.

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Until next time,

Karen x

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