How to choose a stroller for your baby or toddler

How to choose a stroller - Our Irish Family

How to choose a stroller - Our Irish Family

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This past month has been spent roaming stores, searching for the perfect stroller for our toddler (she is 13 months old). What I found at each store are far too many options and varying prices to boot. Today’s post is a guide on how to choose a stroller for your baby, or at least my guide on the subject.

Out with the old

Last year I wrote a review on our current pram, it is a Mama’s & Papa’s Sola 2 MTX travel system. Be sure to check it out. After wheeling this pram around for a year I’ve decided to move on. Out with the old and in with the new.

Have a vision

It’s important to know exactly what you are looking for in your stroller, for us the following were important.

1. An extendable hood with sun visor
2. A lightweight stroller, so light you can pick it up in one hand
3. An option to sit the child up straight and lay them flat for napping
4. A rain cover (we live in Ireland!)
5. Price: less than €200

The search

It appears that here in Ireland the majority of stores that sell strollers carry the same stock and brand, there are a few variations but the majority are similar. I visited 3 stores and completed online searches to compare reviews and costs.

Try them out

I found it an important step to let our baby/toddler sit in each of the strollers and to wheel them around the store. This helped me immensely to figure out if the stroller was heavy to push with my toddler inside. It allowed me to see how flat the seat went for nap time and how straight the sitting position was.

Revert back to your ideal checklist

It’s so easy to get carried away once in the store, especially when a salesperson may direct you in the opposite direction you wish to go. Keep referring back to your original list, ask a salesperson to point out the strollers in your price range or ask them if any of the strollers have another aspect of your list. Always revert back to your ideal checklist.

Pick 2-3 options

Here’s what worked for me. I viewed a lot of strollers over 2 weekends, I tested our daughter in each and noted the name and prices. I then came home and researched these strollers online. You need to look up reviews, some online stores have customer reviews so be sure to look at these. I also put the stroller name into YouTube to see if anyone had done a video review on the stroller. Lastly, compare prices, sometimes a site like Amazon or similar may have your chosen stroller cheaper than the store you were looking in. Above all ensure you are getting a stroller that has all the elements you have listed in your checklist.

The contenders

In our search we considered the Cosatto Supa Stroller, this can be used from birth, however, we found this stroller very heavy. Next up we considered Mama’s & Papa’s Cruise Buggy, while this stroller looks great, it does not have an extendable hood with sun visor, which is essential and on our list. Next up is another from Mama’s and Papa’s called the Voyage Buggy, again another great stroller with an extendable hood, however, the problem we found, was it felt extremely stiff when pushing. Finally, we viewed the Chicco Liteway stroller, this has awesome reviews online, it is extremely lightweight, comes with a footmuff and a great price, the only drawback for us is the hood, again it’s not extendable.

How to choose a stroller - Our Irish Family

My finalists

Silvercross Pop 2

How to choose a stroller - Our Irish Family
Spacious seat for our toddler
UPF50+ sun protection hood with full extension and breathable mesh panels
Easy fold
Spacious shopping basket
One hand recline, multiple seat positions
Comes with a rain cover

Slightly bulky when folded
Longer than other strollers it may struggle in some car boots(trunks)
Pushchair weight: 7.2kg, while you can hold in one hand, it is heavier than other lightweight strollers
Sponge clean only

Maclaren Triumph

How to choose a stroller - Our Irish Family
Removable and machine washable seats
UPF 50+ Extendable Sun Canopy & Built-in Sun Visor
One hand fold
Compact umbrella fold
Pushchair weight: 5.1kg
Comes with a rain cover

Does not come with extendable leg rests
Comes with a toggle and clip for seat position
Small shopping basket

Maclaren Quest

How to choose a stroller - Our Irish FamilyPro’s
Removable and machine washable seats
UPF 50+ Extendable Sun Canopy & Built-in Sun Visor
Breathable mesh panels
One hand fold
Compact umbrella fold
One hand recline with multiple seat positions
Window and pocket storage
Pushchair weight: 5.6kg
Comes with a rain cover

Small shopping basket
Price, it is more expensive than both other finalists

The winner

We chose to buy the Maclaren Quest. I scrupulously compared the Maclaren Quest and Silvercross Pop, side by side in the store. I was on the ground at one stage, I’m sure the salesperson thought I was bonkers. In the end, it came down to the wire but we chose the Maclaren Quest as it is lighter, the hood extends further and the umbrella fold is more compact.


1. Make a list, write down what you want the stroller to have
2. Search multiple stores and online for stroller choices
3. Get your baby/toddler into the stroller and push it around the store
4. Keep referring to your list
5. Write down or take pictures of the strollers you are interested in. Go home and spend time researching them, look up customer reviews and compare prices
6. Refer to your list to ensure your chosen stroller compares positively to the list you’ve made
7. Lastly, enjoy your chosen stroller


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How to choose a stroller - Our Irish Family


24 thoughts on “How to choose a stroller for your baby or toddler

  1. These are great tips! Especially trying the stroller in the store. Not only is it so fun but it’s essential! My husband want a jogger and I wasn’t on board until I felt how smooth it was to push. Now we love it!

  2. Wow I wish I had seen this post back when I was shopping for strollers! We went through I think 5 of them because I couldn’t find one I liked haha I totally got talked into buying a stroller I didn’t really want from a salesperson a few years ago haha
    Writing out a list would have been smart ! There are just so many options now that it is easy to get overwhelmed !

    1. I hate our first stroller, I chose it as it was on special ? silly decision. I wish I had my own list the first time around. Thanks

  3. Very helpful tips. If I had only read this when I was still looking for a stroller for my son.Anyway, this is for future reference for my next babies in the future hehehe.Thanks for sharing♥

  4. Choosing strollers is probably one of my least favorite things to do…that and carseats! You want what is safest of course but now they come with all these nifty gadgets and extras. There are so many to choose from! These are some really useful tips. At least havi ng some idea of what your looking for is a great start!

  5. Great tips. They have so many choices out there now. There weren’t that many when my kids were in strollers! I had the stroller with the removable car seat. I like it.

    1. Those with removable car seats are great when your baby is young.
      There is so much to choose from which is great but at the same time tough if your indecisive.

  6. Good tips. I remember trying to buy our first buggy, and it just seemed like there were a bazillion options! We hated it and ended up getting a new one for the second anyway!

    1. When we were choosing our first stroller, I spent months looking and in the end made a quick decision on one, it turned out I did not like from the start and spent a year trying to get my fiancé to agree to a new one ?

    1. For your first it’s not possible as your baby hasn’t been born, I now tell friends that are pregnant to ask people on the street about their strollers and if they like them ? it’s a good judge on whether it’s good or not, they all look so pretty in the store. Haha

  7. Oh my goodness I needed to take your tips with me when pushchair shopping to save myself ALOT of hassle (and being very pregnant and fainting from stress in John Lewis baby department!). Hope the new wheels live up expectation!

    1. That sounds like a great tail to tell. Hoping all went okay. I too experienced fainting in my final trimester, I couldn’t stand still for more than 2 minutes.

  8. All great tips.
    I love the suggestion of making a list. I can see how that would help to make a smarter buying decision. Trying to remember all the specs you need in your head almost always leads to forgetting something vital.

    Great suggestions here. Thank you.

  9. These are wonderful tips!With this tips,I can choose which is the best stroller that is suitable for my kids. I will definitely send this to my few of my friends who are expecting too.Thanks for sharing.

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