Post Baby Weight Loss

post baby weight loss

post baby weight loss

Monday, 3 April 2017, I will be commencing my post baby weight loss journey once again. I want to blog, document and share my journey. Usually, this would be something I share via my YouTube channel ( but I’ve decided to switch things up and use my blog. I hope you can all follow along, any and all encouragement will be appreciated.

For the past number of years, I have been stuck in a vicious cycle of “dieting” and losing weight but putting that weight back on plus more. I have been the same weight (+/- 1-7lbs) for approximately 4 years now.

In March 2016 I gave birth to our daughter and since then I have returned to my pre-pregnancy weight. However, this past Christmas I have seen the weight pile on, I have been emotionally eating and generally feeling very low about myself.

We are also going on vacation in 6 weeks, so no time like the present to try and shred some pounds.

Let’s get to the juicy bits, I took it upon myself to do my body measurements and weigh myself this morning.


Left Thigh – 26.5 inches

Right Thigh – 25.75 inches

Hips – 46.5 inches

Tummy – 40.5 inches

Bust – 42 inches

Left Arm – 13 inches

Right Arm – 13 inches


My weight this morning was:







I will be using Slimming World as my main dieting method. I also plan to walk 5 or more times per week and complete exercise routines that focus on my thighs and belly.

I will have a new blog post every week to update you all on my weight but also to share my highs and lows during the week. I will not be taking my body measurements again until mid-May.

I am setting myself a weight loss goal which I hope to hit before our vacation in 6 weeks. The goal is to lose 10 pounds in that time frame.

Wish me luck.


15 thoughts on “Post Baby Weight Loss

  1. 10 lbs in 6 weeks is a great goal. I am still working on getting off my post baby weight as well. Baby is now 1 year, 2 months…I’m about 15lbs from my goal. It’s tough but commitment will get us there :)! I love how you took all your measurements and not just your weight. Good luck to you!

    1. Thank you Natasha, my daughter just turned a year old so I think it’s time I get serious about weight loss. Really hoping to reach my goal ???? good luck to you on the final 15lbs.

  2. If you are determined you will do it .In and out both are important. rear that ypu are exercising and planning a diet too.I lift weights 3 times a week snd walk everyday atleast 5 km. That has helped me lose the post pregnancy weight

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