My list of baby products you do not need

Baby products you do not need

I am a first-time mom of an 8-month-old girl. When I was pregnant I remember viewing lots of articles on items that were “essential” when preparing for your new arrival. I have decided to list items which I feel are baby products you do not need.

Below is a video which I posted on my YouTube channel on this topic.


I am listing these in no particular order.

  • Small 5oz bottles: realistically you don’t need these, as the measurement on 9oz bottles start at 2oz. It may look funny to feed a newborn with such a big bottle but you are saving yourself money by not purchasing the small 5oz bottles.
  • Baby Shoes: These always fall off little baby feet, as they grow older they tend to pull them off. Save yourself the hassle and skip the shoes.

baby products you do not need


  • Crib bumpers: While I understand why you may need these, I’m not quite sure they are essential. This is another product I would skip.


Baby Items you do not need


  • Diaper bins: As I’m from Ireland these are called nappy bins ;), I never understood the need for a bin dedicated to holding soiled nappies, surely the regular trash can will do the same job?


  • Swings and bouncers: It is so nice to have both of these products, however, are both truly needed? We were gifted both and I always found myself gravitating towards the bouncer. Maybe choose one and save the money you would have spent on the other.


  • Diaper Cream: Nappy cream is NOT needed at all unless prescribed by a healthcare professional. I know you’re thinking, what am I going to use?…Coconut oil. From the day my daughter was born we have used coconut oil on her. The only time she ever got a nappy rash is when her teeth come through. That same day I pile on the coconut oil and it disappears within 24 hours. I cannot recommend coconut oil enough. (yes, I’m one of those moms)


Baby Items you do not need


  • Baby Wash: I always feel baby wash is a little harsh on the soft sensitive skin of a baby. We chose to only wash our baby in water, just water, no wash or soap needed. Don’t worry they will look and smell lovely and clean.


Baby products you do not need


There we are it folks, I hope you have found this helpful.

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7 thoughts on “My list of baby products you do not need

    1. When people tell me to put shoes or slippers on her feet I cringe. No need for them until they are walking, thats my opinion 😉 Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Great list, thanks! I totally agree with the coconut oil, it works wonders!! Hmm our little guy is teething and has a rash that I could not understand- good to know they could be connected!
    The swing I would say depends on baby’s temperament and family needs because it has been a life saver for us when we’ve needed to calm a fussy baby or let our baby nap when nothing else was working! (When mama got tired of wearing 24lb baby 😉 )
    Aaand I have been perfectly fine using a regular trash bin for nappies and also did not understand the point of a special bin until recently we started solids. The smell has changed from sweet breasttmilk poo to goodness-awful-please get me a nose plug- smell. So we have switched to a sealable solution :).

    1. Yes, the preference is based on the baby. Our daughter didn’t enjoy the swing and preferred to lie in the bouncer.
      The change of smell from the poop is horrific although we still use a regular bin and put the nappies in special nappy bags to disguise the smell. Thank you for your comment.

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