Outfit of the Day (November 2016)

I had to share some of the outfits, Ava has been styling of late.

First up, we bought this outfit from Tesco, as you can see Ava was delighted to pose 😉


Next up is Ava’s Halloween costume for 2016. As she was 7 months old this costume lasted a maximum of 10 minutes before we changed her back into her normal clothes.


In this photo, Ava is sporting her Irish rugby jersey, (thank you, uncle, for purchasing this).


This photo was taken in honor of the oversized bow, we purchased them from an Instagram shop here in Ireland. Isn’t she adorable, I feel this colour really suits her.


Finally, Ava is sporting a Penneys (Primark) outfit, all I can say is OMG a TUTU.



That’s all for now folks, hope you enjoyed the cuteness

– Karen

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