Baby Led Weaning – Yogurt

The next food of choice on this baby led weaning journey is yogurt.

We have tried this 4 times now (however, I only have photos from the first 3 attempts)

I purchased natural yogurt for my daughter Ava to try.

Since we have started solids, Ava has never been a fan of eating with a spoon, which is why we are gungho with baby led weaning.

Armed with the yogurt on a spoon, I went in for the kill. As you can see from these photos, it was a relative success. Ava tends to allow the first scoop in her mouth but then proceeds to tightly seal her mouth after that.


She much prefers if she can control the spoon herself and will generally lick or suck the yogurt off the spoon at her own pace while making a huge mess.

On the second try, I managed to get 1.5 spoonfuls into her, I then topped up the spoon every once and a while to allow Ava to feed herself.


On the third try, she allowed 2 spoonfuls, although a lot of sour faces were pulled. I find much joy in seeing all the faces my daughter pulls while she is eating.


The fourth try was carried out by Ava’s daddy, Robert. He mentioned getting a couple of spoonfuls in before she took to feeding herself with the spoon.

She really seems to be enjoying the yogurt. My plan is to keep trying this every morning for the rest of this week before adding granola. I will, of course, be keeping you updated on her progress.

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