Baby Led Weaning – Broccoli 

After trying my daughter Ava with Sweet Potato, we next moved onto Brocolli.

So far we have tried her with this 3 times, each time to prepare I have steamed the broccoli.

On the first try, she seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Our first try with broccoli.

She especially enjoyed the stalks.

Our first try with broccoli.

The majority gets mashed up and it is extremely messy as it gets everywhere.


On the second try a couple of days later, she took it straight away. I feel this time around more made it into her mouth.


Our second try with broccoli.


Although she liked it, she still managed to make some faces.


Our second try with broccoli – funny face


On our third attempt with broccoli, she seemed excited to see this food again. I do think I overcooked this batch as it fell apart extremely easily.


Our third try with broccoli – really happy.
Our third try with broccoli.
Our third try with broccoli – hilarious face.

Overall broccoli is a hit, Ava really seems to enjoy the taste. At each sitting more is being digested (the proof is in the poop ;)).

Pros: There are some many benefits of introducing broccoli, some of these include: a good source of vitamins and minerals which improve eyesight, help with constipation and strengthens the immune system.

Cons: I dislike the smell of broccoli, it seems to linger around our apartment, the poop is messier 🙂

Up next in this baby led weaning series: Yogurt.



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