Baby Led Weaning – Sweet Potato

In my last post, I discussed how we are starting to wean our daughter Ava.

We have decided that baby led weaning (blw) is the way to go for two reasons:

  1. Ava refuses to let a spoon in her mouth
  2. I am a very fussy eater, I’m hoping this approach to weaning will enable Ava to become a champion eater.

After the decision was made we jumped straight into the BLW approach. We chose sweet potato as her first food. To prepare for eating, I have been steaming the sweet potato.

On her first try, not much food made it into her mouth. She did have a little trouble lifting the food up and bringing to her mouth, her coordination was a little off.


First time trying sweet potato – oh that face ūüôā
First time trying sweet potato – nice squishy mess


The faces a baby makes while eating are hilarious, sometimes she makes a face before the food gets to her mouth.

On her second try, she was more willing and eager. She does love to squish the food rather than eat it.


The second try of sweet potato – another face.
The second try of sweet potato Рthis is yummy.

On this second try of sweet potato, we had our first experience of gagging, I will admit that I panicked but I feel Ava handled it extremely well.


Gagging on sweet potato.

As a result of this gagging episode, I have registered myself onto an infant CPR course at the end of September.

Ava has now tried sweet potato 3 times, I’m not quite sure she likes it, however, I will be persisting with it, as I’ve read it takes a number of tries for a baby to like something.

Up next, we will try broccoli.



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