Fire in our apartment block.

Two thirty am on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 the fire alarm in our building goes off, it only lasts 10 seconds but frightens the life out of me. For the next 5 minutes nothing happens so I settle back to sleep, thankful it didn’t wake our 3 month old daughter.

Two minutes later the fire alarm rings again, it only last 10 seconds but this time I can hear knocking coming from above. The knocking persists for a couple of minutes. The lady who lives next door is coming in and out of her apartment, this is when I know something is wrong.

I go to wake Robert up and just as I do the knocking starts at our front door. When we answer it’s the lady from next door. She tells us the apartment above hers is on fire, they think a person is in there and the fire service has been called. She knows we have a new baby so she wanted us to be prepared incase we need to evacuate.

We automatically jump into action, although we are panicking we manage to dress ourselves. Get the baby’s stroller, blankets, jacket, some milk and prepare to leave our apartment.

Robert decides to go upstairs and see how bad the situation is, he leaves me alone, alone with our baby and alone with my thoughts. It truly is a horrible situation to be in, not knowing whether it’s serious, should you get your baby out, do you need too? All these thoughts are running through your mind.

When Robert returns he informs me that they eventually got the man who rents that apartment to open the door. It was extremely drunk. He left a pizza in the oven. The fire service had arrived and everything is now ok. The smoke on the second floor is bad but the fire service are doing something about that.

Two thoughts run through my mind: 1. Thank god for that, we are all ok, safe and well. ¬† 2. Is this guy for real, he made the whole building panic because he drank to much alcohol and passed out with the oven on, how dare that man do that to us, what if people hadn’t investigated when the fire alarm sounded and the situation was a lot worse, we all could have been affected.

So we unpacked all the baby items, redressed in our night clothes and tried to sleep, it didn’t happen, my mind would not turn off. If this would have happened when we didn’t have a baby, I would still panic but I could leave¬†the apartment and investigate myself so I would have been calmer. However we do have a baby and we didn’t want to wake her if we didn’t need to, so I couldn’t leave the apartment, and I wasn’t calm as all my concern was for our baby, her safety and wellbeing are our number one priority.

Thankfully all was ok and the baby slept through all the drama. However it really makes you think…………………



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