Baby Massage Class – Week One

Today, Wednesday 15th June 2016, baby & I went to our first of five baby massage classes. It cost us €120, so here’s hoping we get enjoyment and learn techniques to help my baby.

The benefits of baby massage are as follows:

Colic & Wind
Emotional Stress
Aid Sleep Patterns
Soothes Baby
Build Immunity
Help Gain Weight
Aids The Bonding Process
Assists recovery from Post-Natal Depression

While all these benefits are a great reason to perform baby massage, the main reason I wanted to go to these classes was to interact with other moms.

On arrival we introduced ourselves and our babies. We were all given a booklet with the massage techniques and massage oil. The instructor recommends to use cold pressed vegetable oils.

Today being the 1/5 classes we concentrated on the legs and feet. We were shown moves such as: Indian Milking, Toe Roll. Ankle Circles and Swedish Milking but to name a few. The instructor also suggested rhymes to sing whilst performing the moves such as: “This little piggy” and “The wheels on the bus”.

My baby of course had to be the first to have a poopy nappy, so after changing this, I proceeded to massage as instructed by the instructor. However my baby wasn’t really feeling it, she much preferred to look around the room and take it all in. We did however get to do a little massage.

At the end of class we all sat down and had a chat about random baby things and this I found the most relaxing part of the whole class.

I’m looking forward to next weeks class already!

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