Infertility – Our Journey: Part 1

When I was younger I remember telling Robert (my now fiancé) that by the age of 25, I wanted to have my first child. He always disagreed with me and told me he wanted to be 30 when he had his first child. There is 22 months between us so this meant I would be 28 when I gave birth if we went by Robert’s theory.

When my 25th birthday came around I was nowhere near ready to start a family so we decided to wait longer. We were in the prime of our 20s, going on vacation whenever we pleased, going out partying with friends & basically throwing away all our money on whatever we wanted. The decision to start a family came a year later whilst we were traveling in Asia.

I think it’s funny that from the age it’s acceptable to speak with children about sex, we tell them to use condoms, go on the pill etc or else you/she will get pregnant and nobody wants that. When you become sexually active you are so paranoid about becoming pregnant that you make sure there are condoms and you visit the doctor for a contraceptive. I say this is funny because it turns out that once I came off my contraceptive and we stopped using condoms I still wasn’t getting pregnant. It seems my body was fighting the release of my follicles (ovulation). Condoms and contraceptives are extremely important and I too will be drilling it into my children’s head that if they are having sex this is a must, never to be forgotten, but in my story it’s a little ironic to say the least.

As mentioned above we were traveling through Asia when we made the decision to start trying for a baby, we were under the impression that first time out it would happen, I’m sure this is a common thought amongst all people. First month my period came I thought maybe the timing was off then I didn’t get another period for 90 days and I was thinking maybe it was all the traveling, next period came in 35 days, the following one was 40 days, then 60 days, then 104 days at this stage we were back in Ireland and  I had started my YouTube channel talking about our trying to conceive journey, through this and the fact that we were thinking I’d never get pregnant we decided I should visit my doctor and see if there was anything wrong.

In October 2013, I visited the doctors and after much persuading (she wanted to wait until we were trying for a year) she took some bloods, I was on day 54 of my cycle and really wanted to know what was wrong with me. On research I found out a “normal” cycle is 28 days long and I definitely wasn’t normal by this standard.

I was contacted by my doctor 2 weeks later and after a brief discussion she asked me to come into the surgery at my earliest convenience (seriously she said that ;)), at this appointment she spoke to me about my testosterone levels being high alongside my LH levels (luteinizing hormone), she wanted me to get more blood work at the start of my cycle when I had my period.

Eventually my period arrived and I proceeded to get bloodwork done, again I received a phone call from my doctor asking me come into the surgery. At this appointment she went through the latest bloodwork and discussed the possibility of my having PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), to confirm this for sure I needed to get a pelvic ultrasound to which she referred me to my local public hospital. I received an appointment for May 2014 (6 months wait) so I decided to pay out of pocket and two days later I went to a private hospital to get the ultrasound.

On receiving this ultrasound it was confirmed I had PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and should return to my doctor for further information…………

Thank you for reading my infertility journey, part 2 of my story will be live soon.

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